NAME: Dixie
COUNTY: Comanche
CLIMATE: Mild Winters, Hot summers
COMMENTS: Duster has city marker signs on the highway, but the "town" itself is classified as an "area" by locals as there are not actual city boundaries. The railroad tracks are long gone. FM 587 runs between DeLeon and Rising Star and is a pleasant 30 mile rural drive in Central Texas.
REMAINS: One old red brick building, now used for storage, that used to be a gas station
Duster, at the junction of Farm roads 587 and 679 in north central Comanche County, was founded in the early 1880s. Local tradition has it that when early settlers met to determine a name for the post office, a man picked up a sheet of paper and blew the dust off it. He then suggested the name Duster and the others agreed. The community was first located at Polecat Pond, then with the coming of the Texas Central Railroad to the area, it was moved two miles north to be near the tracks. After the railroad ceased operations, the town moved back to its original location. The first postmistress there was Miss Belle Dukes. The post office was closed in 1927. The community's population was reported as fifty in 1940, but by 1980 no population statistics were reported. In 2000 the population was twenty-five. Source: http://www.tshaonline.org/handbook/online/articles/DD/hrd45.html

Submitted by: Randy McCamey