NAME: Dye Mound
COUNTY: Montague
CLIMATE: Hot in summer
COMMENTS: In the center of a triangle made up of Saint Jo, Forestburg, and Montague.
REMAINS: Few homes.
Dye Mound, originally named Dye, Texas was founded in the late 1850's by a trapper who ran a trading post located at the foot of the hills and was named for him. The cemetery was built on 3 acres that were purchased from S. T. Boswell in 1859. The church was founded in 1890. Dye was mostly a cotton town at it's hight and began it's decline in the 1920's and by 1956 it was a ghost town. The school was built in 1878 and closed in 1946. The post office was closed around 1905 and was then sent through Mallard, Texas. I am a current resident of Dye Mound and have been trying to find out as much as i can about it. On my property , I have found some really neat petrified wood and an old well that was built with a rock lining, and pieces of an old wood stove but little else. The climate here is a bit iffy at best (it is in Texas) but the trees are beautiful and I personally love it. The Dye Mound Cemetary is open to the public year around. The School is now only a commemorative plaque and the church is closed but still standing. The last time I visited the site was just today, 6/4/99 Connie Hoberer

Dye Mountain Community Church
Courtesy Trina Haynes

School Plaque
Courtesy Trina Haynes