NAME: Frio Town
CLIMATE: Hot summer mild winter
COMMENTS: On private property but cemetary is accesible from road
REMAINS: Old courthouse from 1880's

Started in the 1870's, it was a ranch town consisting of about a half mile squared. Saloons,store and courthouse. The countyseat was moved to Pearsall when the railroad bypassed Frio Town. Was the setting for the TV show Texas John Slaughter in the 60's. Owned by the Roberts family Submitted by: Jerri Otwell

Additional information from news station; ........................................... Buildings testament to promising boom town Reported by Virginia Broady News of Texas Correspondent January 28, 2000 One building still standing in Frio Town is the old courthouse. PEARSALL - Off the main road stands a solitary reminder of a frontier community, the old Frio City courthouse, and in the 1870s it was at the heart of a boom town called Frio City on the Texas frontier, a destination on the Old Presidio Road. "This was the community of the ranchers. They were all getting their mail here and their groceries here. At one time they had dances on the second floor of the courthouse," said landowner Carrie Jo Roberts. It was the cowboy capitol and culture center of Frio County. It's said that an ornate walnut staircase once graced the courthouse halls. It's gone, along with the town square. Two stone chimneys are all that is left of homes which at one time sheltered up to 1,500 people. And old jailhouse still stands. It was one of the first buildings to go up in Frio City - as it was once known. The second floor served as a jury room. Prisoners were kept on the ground floor behind stone walls three-feet thick. Today the Old Frio City jail is a charming relic, but it is easy to forget there was a reason it was built to begin with. In its day it held such notables as Sam Bass and the James brothers. Then the railroad came, missing Frio City by 15 miles, and almost as quickly as this colorful town sprang up, it disappeared. By 1886, Frio City was Frio Town. On the edge of town, the Frio Town Cemetery serves as a marker for folks who know that a city once thrived here, but those who look closely might catch a glimpse of a grand building off the main road. Still standing as a stately testament to a promising frontier town once called Frio City is the old city hall. There are no plans to restore the old building of Frio Town because it would simply cost too much. The buildings are currently located on private land without public access. This story written for the Internet by Alison Sutton, Editor .................................................. Don Steffen Conroe,Texas

Frio Town Cemetery
Courtesy Greg Patrick