NAME: Frost Town
COUNTY: Harris
CLIMATE: hot summers, mild winters
BEST TIME TO VISIT: year round
COMMENTS: Lots of residents since it dissolved into Houston.
Frost Town was an early settlement along the banks of the Buffalo Bayou in what is today Houston. Originally settled in 1822 by Dr. James Phelps and his wife, it got it's name from Col. Jonathan B. Frost who settled there in 1836. For a while Frost Town was also called Germantown due to the large amounts of German immigrants who settled there. Frost Town was a thriving community with its own post office, cemetery, school, volunteer fire department, brewery, and several places of worship. This all changed in the late 1880's when the post office closed and the population declined. The Frost Town cemetery has since sunk into the Buffalo Bayou and the last remaining Frost Town building was demolished in 1992 to make way for a freeway expansion. Submitted by: Daniele Moore
Old Map of Frost Town
Courtesy Daniele Moore