NAME: Girvin
CLIMATE: Warm winter, hot summer
Winter, spring, fall
COMMENTS: A few remaining residents.
REMAINS: A few original buildings.

Ranchers and stock raisers came to the area in the 1890s, later to be called Girvin after the name of one of the ranchers. It was the railroad that built through in 1911 that started Girvin on its way to becoming a town of some importance. The railroad built a passenger and freight station and soon other businesses were established including a general store, a hotel, a saloon and a lumberyard. Girvin also was a shipping point for thousands of cattle for a number of years. The economy of Girvin was steadily growing when in 1933 a new highway was built to connect Fort Stockton with McCamey that passed one mile south of Girvin. Some residents had already departed the town to seek employment elsewhere. The new highway provided additional business opportunities, which negatively affected the Girvin economy. The 1940 census showed only seventy-five residents left in the town. The Santa Fe Railway closed the freight depot in 1944 and the passenger station in 1955. Girvin is now a town of abandoned buildings. The brick schoolhouse is maintained as a community center and polling place for the several residents that remain. SUBMITTED BY: Henry Chenoweth

There are 3 registered residents.One is the love of all mildred helmers.she has ran the social club since 1956.the helmers family started living in girvin since 1956. with their 4 childred mildred ran the post office and store and gas station. the social club still has it doors open was opened in 1957. you ask any one do they know where girvin is .the reply is yes and where is mildred . REMAINS: the pringle :mildred helmers SHORT BIOGRAPHY: there have been many people come through and stop. from all over the world and there marks are left on the raffler. girvin was put in the national geographic. Submitted by: John helmers

Courtesy John Helmer

Girvin Saloon
Courtesy Bobby and Speedy Drake

Girvin - Roadside Rooster
Courtesy Bobby and Speedy Drake

Girvin- Old House
Courtesy Bobby and Speedy Drake

Girvin Old House
Courtesy Bobby and Speedy Drake

Girvin Train Car
Courtesy Bobby and Speedy Drake

Girvin Old Building
Courtesy Bobby and Speedy Drake