NAME: Jonesboro
COUNTY: Red River
CLIMATE: Warm winter, hot summer
Winter, spring, fall
COMMENTS: River Crossing town.
REMAINS: Nothing.

Not much is known other than it was a river crossing town. Submitted by Charlie Price.--- REVISED ---

Jonesboro had a life of about twenty-eight years, from 1815 to 1843. Its historical significance is limited to being the site where both Sam Houston and David Crockett crossed the Red River and entered Texas. The town was named after a Henry Jones who came to the area in 1815 and operated a ferry crossing at the site. Jonesboro was located at the head of steam navigation on the Red River and became the base of operations for traders and merchants in the area. The Texas Congress chartered the town in 1837 when Jonesboro was home to about fifty families and growing. Soon thereafter, the growth not only ceased but families began moving as the frontier pushed further westward. In 1843, the Red River not only flooded the town but also shifted the river channel about a mile to the north leaving the town landlocked. In time, Jonesboro completely disappeared. Submitted by Henry Chenoweth.