NAME: Kenedy
COUNTY: Karnes
CLIMATE: Undetermined--it's TEXAS, for goodness sake!
BEST TIME TO VISIT: It's too hot in summer. Best you go spring or fall

COMMENTS: Visit the cemeteries; visit the old, uninhabited, delapidated mansions in town. Ask the children; they know the way. (As for the pictures section down at the lower part of this submission, we had a picture but it mysteriously disappeared...

Update: Kenedy is now in the stages of revamping their city's streets.  There are businesses old/new helping in the appearance of their city by repainting/rebuilding.  Yes, there are buildings scattered in the town that are delapidated/falling down, but there are also old structures that have been and are being restored.  The main street is testament to that.  Myra Cerny
REMAINS: All the remains you would like are in the cemetaries; I don't know the names as I am not a resident and I am only 20 years old.

The town is old and is still in the throes of Jim Crow in most places. There is a railroad track that separates the "rich" from the "dirt poor". There is a story about little green men running up and down a particular street at night. I don't know any of the character's in the town history; you can go to their website but I assure you that it's all lies. I believe alot of Native Americans resided there--when I was little I would find arrowheads...arrowheads all over my grandmother's property. Come to find out the arrowheads were seminole arrowheads...thed significance in this is that my ancestors are all black-seminole indians, kidnapped from the reservations in Oaklahoma and sold into slavery. The owner was French, by the way. Debro, or Devareaux. Please be aware that the town is very suspicious. There is a shroud of sadness over most things...the town is dying, the children are leaving...beware of unhappy townspeople, and, well, if you are not of "the caucasion persuasion", don't get in anyone's way...I am not White so dont take offense to the above I am simply stating the obvious truth about what the south tries to hide. Enjoy your stay. The hotel with the antlers in front is the best place to go if you would like peaceful sleep. Submitted by: Rebecca Lawson