CLIMATE: Hot in Summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring, much cooler than summer
COMMENTS: Is located on South Fish Creek, 15 miles north west of Gainesville in Cooke County.
REMAINS: Church, and cemetery
It had a post office from 1873 until mid 1940's. There are two stories of how the town got its name. It was either named after the early settler Mary (Fitch) Corn and her husband Richard in 1867 or after Marysville, California hometown of Mrs. Corn�s brother R.A.Fitch who moved to Cooke County in 1869.In 1900 Marysville had 250 residents, a drugstore, a livery stable, a district school, two mercantile stores, grocery store, blacksmith shop, cotton gin, and two churches. The town�s population was about 165 from 1925 to 1942, until Camp Howze (WWII) was built in the northwestern Cooke County on nearly 3/4 of the towns land. With the loss of many of the small family farms, Marysville declined. The best-known resident of Marysville was Daniel Montague, for whom Montague County is named. He is buried in the Marysville Cemetery.My grandmother Dorothy Marie Davison-Esker was born and raised in Marysville along with her siblings. I have visited this area many times, and it is very interesting to see some of the old buildings and know that this once was a thriving town. Submitted by: Wanda Esker -Bodle