NAME: Mercury
COUNTY: McCulloch
CLIMATE: Cool in winter, hot in summer
COMMENTS: I lived in Mercury for a few months in 2000. One website says the town has 166 residents, but there certainly didn't seem to be nearly that many in the town itself! The abandoned general store was reopened in 2000, and was still functioning as of 2007. To reach it, go N. on US 377 from Brady, turn E. on FM 502 and continue a couple of miles. The road passes right through the town.
REMAINS: A few abandonded buildings, some homes
Mercury was founded in 1904 as a cattle-shipping point on the Ft. Worth and Rio Grande Railway. Once boasting two banks and two general stores, the town was decimated by two fires, one in 1919 and another in 1929. The post office closed in the 1930's, and the town deteriorated thereafter. Today, only a few houses (some of which are unoccupied), a church, the general store, and some dilapidated buildings (including a partially-collapsed bank building) remain. Submitted by: Jim Jenkins
Old Building
Courtesy Speedy and Bobbye Drake

Inside old building
Courtesy Speedy and Bobbye Drake

Mercury Store
Courtesy Speedy and Bobbye Drake