NAME: Monthalia
COUNTY: Gonzales
CLIMATE: Hot Summers,cool winters
COMMENTS: Located on the Texas Independence Trail,Farm road 466. Take I-10 to Seguin,get off at US Hwy 90 Aternate,and go through Seguin.Will see sign for Farm Road 466. Take 466 and continue east on this road.You will pass in Guadalupe county a Sign for the Capote ranch, were Teddy roosevelt got horses for his Rough riders. Not much to do in Monthalia. Has several cemetaries for different denominations,like Catholic,methodist,etc.Not sure how many people live there.Farm road 466 will come out on Texas Hwy 97 in the little town of Cost. Turn to the left on 97.You will see a monument to the Texas Revolution.Continue north,and you will hit US Hwy 183.Take 183 north to Gonzales.This town,the Gonzales county seat,has a very nicce park on the Guadalupe river,antique stores,lots of old victorian houses,and a museum dedicated to the Texas Revolution on TX Hwy 97 East.Lots of fast food places in town to eat at. Also,near Gonzales is Palmetto State park at Ottine. This park is located on the San marcos River, and there are hot springs there,and rehabilitatiln faculties for crippled children,etc.
REMAINS: several houses,cemetatries,
Not sure of founding history of town.It is unusal that it has graveyardsfor the different religious groups.Near Gonzales are several other ghost towns.Nickel, on FMRoad 532,only a empty store building remains,Cheapside, Dewville,Sandies Chapel(only a cemetary remains)Brown Hill,Dilworth,etc. Submitted by: Holly Hilpert