NAME: Phelan
COUNTY: Bastrop
CLIMATE: Usual Texas weather hot in summer and mild in winter except for cold fronts blowing through.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Located on private property.
COMMENTS: Phelan is located about 3 miles North of Bastrop. It is on private property. It was a coal mining town at the early part of this century. I have hunted this property and found several old foundations and the towns bank vault under ground. The property is dotted with mine shafts that are dangerous. My friend who owned the property is now deceased. He said there was a shaft collapse in the 20's that killed over 20 workers and several mules. There are no current residents and no buildings still stand. Precise directions can be obtained from Bastrop County records. I do not know who owns the land anymore. I was last there in 1991.
REMAINS: Several foundations and coal mining artifacts.
See above. Submitted by: Trey Rusk