NAME: Quihi
COUNTY: Medina
CLIMATE: Mild winter, hot summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Late fall, early winter
COMMENTS: Approx. 6 mi east of Hondo on FM2676.Bethlemhem Lutheran Church, Quihi Gun Club(monthly dances). About 20 residents.
REMAINS: Many old ruins of rock houses
Established in March 1846 by 10 familes of German/French colonists brought to Texas by Emprasario Henri Castro. Families set out from Castroville and moved 10 miles to west to site at Quihi Lake. Attacked by indians shortly after settlement and several times thereafter. Site of first public free school in Medina County as well as German-English school. Population of community grew through latter part of 19th century but began to dwindle after 1900 as young people moved to other nearby towns and cities. Today only a few families remain in community surrounded by heavily settled farm land. Submitted by: Richard L. Burris