NAME: Sher-Han
COUNTY: Hansford
CLIMATE: Warm winter, hot summer
Winter, spring, fall
COMMENTS: Near the Oklahoma border.
REMAINS: No intact buildings.
If any ghost town can be described as modern, it would have to be Sher-Han. Sherman and Hansford counties each contributed a portion of their identity to create the name Sher-Han. Phillips Petroleum Company created the town in 1944 for its employees working at the company's natural gas liquids extraction plant. Soon thereafter, two natural gas companies built pipeline compressor stations and housing facilities for their employees at Sher-Han. For almost twenty years Sher-Han was a thriving community but its location was in a remote area just south of the Oklahoma border. There were no paved roads to Sher-Han from its nearest neighboring town, Guymon, Oklahoma. Winter rain and snows made dirt roads impassable forcing the building of residential housing for employees at the site. In the early 1960s, paved roads from Sher-Han to neighboring communities made it possible for employees to commute to work from surrounding towns. Sher-Han is a picturesque ghost town with paved streets and curbs, concrete sidewalks, trees, shrubs and flowers and other evidence of a town that once had a population of four hundred people. SUBMITTED BY: Henry Chenoweth