NAME: Zuehl
COUNTY: Guadalupe
CLIMATE: Typical Texas weather
COMMENTS: There is an airport for private plans,and the local church has a festival.Also the Rio Cibolo Ranch caters group events.
REMAINS: Store ,school and many houses
The town which is on Cibolo Creek was once known as Perryman's Crossing,which was part of the Wood Road which was built before 1830 and connected the town of Gonzales with San Antonio.Ferdinand Zuehl bought the land in 1870 and opened a store in 1872.The town later took his name.The Clemens School opend in 1882 and the town's post office was known as School in 1888.Later in 1906 the name of the post office was changed to Zuehl,but discontinued in 1910.There is a church,store, and the active Germania Bowling Club.many homes are still occupied,but the population is around 45 or so,when it was 175 in the 1940s. To get there,take FM 2538 South,and you turn to the left on Shay Pass or futher down ,turn onto Blacksmith Way.Both take you through the ghost town of Bexar,which has a few houses and a community center.If you go Blacksmith Way,turn right onto Shay Pass and cross the Cibolo Creek.You will then be in Zuehl.If you continue on Gin Road and follow that,it will lead you to the cemetery of Santa Clara,which is all that remains of the community of that name.The cotton gin and Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Santa Clara are long gone.If you turn left after crossing Cibolo Creek,you can take Zuehl Road and follow it till you come out on the I-10 access road to go back home. Submitted by: Holly Hilpert