NAME: Winter Quarters
COUNTY: Carbon
CLIMATE: Cold winters and hot summers
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Anytime accesible
COMMENTS: The town site is located just past scofield. set up onthe side of the mountain. The twon site is on private property, and is posted. We tried to gain access from the house at the base no one was home
REMAINS: The old store house
This town was utah first commercial coal mine. The town reached numbers of up to 1800 families. The mine on may 1 1900 had a major expolsion killing 100 men. The gas after the explosion killed another 99 poeple approx. The cemetary in scofield id a haunting reminder of the people that died in the mine disaster. The graves a many. The site can be seem from the main highway. A wonderful site to see. Submitted by: Jason fowles