NAME: Acme
COUNTY: Sheridan
CLIMATE: Hot in the summer time and cold during winter.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring and Fall
COMMENTS: Take Interstate 90 out of Sheridan until you come to the Acme Road Exit. Turn right onto Acme Road and follow it until it dead ends. There is room to park where the road ends. You will see Wyoming Trust Land Signs. You are allowed to hike around but no vehicle traffic. In the summer the grass grows to waist height and rattle snakes are common.
REMAINS: The Acme power plan is still standing but it is on private property. No buildings remain but you can find tons of scrap metal and the remains of a couple foundations. There are also a couple telephone poles and the remains of an old suspension foot bridge crossing the Tongue River.

The Acme Coal Company was formed in 1910 and the town of Acme was a company town. The mine was closed on April 1st, 1940. In 1968 the town was purchased by a private interest and he hope of the town being revived was very high. However, the town was sold in 1977 and letter was sent to the remaining residents informing them they must vacate by the date of 1 Sep, 1977.

Submitted by: Mark Elledge