NAME: Bessemer Bend
COUNTY: Natrona
CLIMATE: Very warm during the Summer time.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Early Summer time.
COMMENTS: Located South of Casper, and North of Alcova roughly on Route 220. There are no resedents at Bessemer Bend.
REMAINS: Unknown at this time.

The first Log cabin to be built in Wyoming was said to have been built South of where present day Casper lies beside Bessemer bend. The community grew with the flood of settlers to Wyoming and the far west of America, though I am not sure of Bessemer's detailed past. Shortly after the establishment of Natrona County in 1890, Bessemer challenged Casper for the Seat of the County, but it surely lost as the election was a-wreck with fraud and deceit. The Town of Bessemer was soon to decline after this grand blow to it's community, economy, and pride. Submitted by: Ryan J. Hill.