NAME: Buford
COUNTY: Albany
CLIMATE: Cold with snow in the Winter brezzy and warm in the summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: All seasons with the exception of Winter.
COMMENTS: Buford is a very small town off of I-80 at exit #335. The population of Buford is 2.There are interstate highway signs telling you of its approach. There is a Trading Post where you can fuel,get snacks and souvineers.
REMAINS: The old School is now a workshop and an old store dating back to 1895, now being used as a garage.
Buford started out as Fort Sanders in 1866.In 1889 the Railroad built a siding and shipping depot at the spot, used mainly for timber and cattle.This was the first railroad stop entering Albany County from the east. During 1880 the fort was renamed Fort Buford after General John Buford. Buford claims it is the highest town between New York City and San Francisco at 8000 ft.It even has its own post card extolling this claim. Submitted by: Wade Martin