NAME: Dillon
COUNTY: Carbon
CLIMATE: Lovely during Spring and Summer time.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Definetaly summer!
COMMENTS: Dillon is right next door to sister ghost, Rudefaha, near the Grand Encampment. Dillon and the Medicine Bow forest is the perfect setting for Painters, Photographers, back-packers, and Ghost Towners alike. The forestry is stunning. If you do visit Dillon or Rudefeha, do try to visit Battle, they all make an enjoyable trip.
REMAINS: Mostly rubble and foundations.
Dillon was established as an offshoot, or, sister town of Rudefeha and Battle mines, primeraly as a town for drunks and trouble-makers once saloons were banned from Rudefeha, the company town site. Once the mine folded along with local establishments, the mine employese flooded outwards to find work across Wyoming and America's west. By 1907, Dillon and Rudefeha were sister ghosts. Submitted by: Ryan J. Hill