NAME: Dines
COUNTY: Sweetwater
CLIMATE: Typical Wyoming climate all year round.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Mid summer time.
COMMENTS: Dines is located near Reliance, north of Rock Springs, Wyoming. I don't Know the exact directions to Dines, seeing as how I got lost trying to find it. All that I can tell you is that, starting from near by ghost; Winton and Superior, it took me 45 minutes to reach Dines.
REMAINS: Mine shafts, rubble 'n' ruins.
Dines was a mining community like that of former townships of Winton and Dunn. It had three mines in the area. It also had a Post office and many homes. The township of Dines went bust near 90 years ago. The town also had it's own Baseball team! Submitted by: Ryan J. Hill