NAME: Gillespie Place (Radium Hot Springs).
COUNTY: Freemont.
CLIMATE: Quite warm during the Summer time.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Late Spring/ Early Summer time.
COMMENTS: There is a Mormon Church nearby, as well as a frequently used Rest area and Camp site. While visitng at Radium Hot Springs, make sure to check out Lewiston nearby.
REMAINS: A few old buildings, as well as car parts scattered around the area.
A woman and her daughters settled Gillespie Place (near of Lewiston) in the early 20th Century as a spa that touted radium's alleged health benefits. That was then but we know better now -- as Marie Curie's death due to radium poisoning shows. There's lots to photograph in the area. However, somewhat unfortunately, it's getting crowded. The Mormon Church also uses the area for handcart treks on the nearby Oregon Trail. They own a heavily used rest and camping area just to west of Gillespie and Lewiston at Willie's Handcart Site. Submitted by: Ryan J. Hill and Mike Jamison.