NAME: Hartville Sunrise
COUNTY: Platte
CLIMATE: In the winter is slick and snowy and the summer is hot and dry
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring and Summer
COMMENTS: If you plan on visiting Wyoming this season and you've decided to go to the Old Fort Laramie Historical Site, you then must see the Hartville and Sunrise area. Take the HWY 26 from Fort Laramie north to Guernsey. Take road 270 North to Hartville. Hartville is a historical site itself. It is the oldest town in Wyoming. It still has a bar in operation. This is an old west town that was once the hideout for cattle rustlers and bank robbers. Just to the East of Hartville you'll find a gate that is closed off the public. This gate leads to the town of Sunrise. Sunrise was once a prosperous town. They mined steel. In the 1970's, the owners of the mine closed it down. They in turned burned down the town.
REMAINS: Hartville's Bar & YMCA building
Hartville is the Oldest town in Wyoming. It was the backset as a hideout for cattle rustlers, bank robbers and those on the run. The oldest bar is still in operations. The next part of the area is Sunrise. Sunrise is a part of the historical backdrop. It is only preserved as the sign. There is no entrance to the town. Submitted by: Michael Hamburg