NAME: Hecla
COUNTY: Laramie
CLIMATE: Warm in Summer, mild snow in Winter.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Mid - late Summer, early fall.
COMMENTS: No current residents in what is considered as Hecla, though many homes are close by. Nothing special to see here. I suggest you only make it a quick drive - by visit, or very short investigation. Best reached on county road 210 too Cheyenne, off I-80, roughly 1 mile before Buford rd.
REMAINS: Some evidence of foundations, and of remains.
Hecla, Wyoming; an incredibly short-lived base of operations for three mines that bared the town's name. As well as a mining outpost, Hecla was also a candidate for a Union Pacific rail-stop, but unfortunately for Hecla and its population consisting of only miners and their wives, it never gained enough attention. As the mines closed due to lack of outsider commercial interest, Hecla's population dwindled down to a fat zero.Submitted by: Ryan j. Hill