NAME: Kane
COUNTY: Big Horn
CLIMATE: Hot in the summer, Mild to Moderate snow in the winter
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Accessible only during dry years
COMMENTS: Kane is located about 10 miles west of lovell, Wy and no longer has any residents. Kane cemetary lies a few miles north and is the final resting place of some of the first mormon settlers and ancestors of many of the present day local residents of nearby Lovell, Cowley, Byron, and Deaver.
REMAINS: A few foundations and some buildings remain on the town of Kane and can be seen when the water levels of Yellowtail Reservoir are low. The cemetary is intact and historical site
Named after a cowboy by the name of Riley Kane, The town was founded in 1895 and was inhabited until it became part of Yellowtail Reservoir in 1965. Local lore tells of ghost stories about both the town of Kane and the associated cemetary as well. One in particular is of "The Blue Lady" who supposedly haunts the cemetary. Submitted by: Frank Heinrich