NAME: Lavoye
COUNTY: Natrona
CLIMATE: Very warm during the summer time.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Late Spring or early Summer time.
COMMENTS: There are no residents at Lavoye. In my opinion the town is a true Ghost. Lavoye is located within the Salt Creek Oil Fields near Salt Creek Camp. The area is accesable by road, a 4WD would be handy.
REMAINS: Many old buildings remain standing at Lavoye, also rubble and foundations are visable.
Lavoye was established as a bed-room community for the nearby Salt Creek Oil Field. The town, being named after homesteader Louis Lavoye was very short lived. As I have herd, a number of buildings remain at Lavoye, as the area is infrequently visited by tourists. Submitted by: Ryan J. Hill
Courresy Joe V