NAME: McFadden
COUNTY: Carbon
CLIMATE: It can become very warm and humid during summer.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: I would say....early or mid Sumer time.
COMMENTS: My family owns the oil company that is located in Mcfadden. There are 7 residents in the actual town site. The oil and town is owned by Rock River Operating - Chad Baysinger
REMAINS: 13 Buildings

The true Ghost Town of McFadden, Wyoming is isolated on a road less traveled between Rock River and Arlington. I know nothing of McFadden, only that it exists on Carbon County's Ranch lands. Can you help unlock McFadden's secrets? Submitted by: Ryan J. Hill

Founded by the Ohio Oil Co. in 1919. Later chaenged to Marathon, and the purchased by current owners in 1988. Town has been under reconstruction for the oil company. 13 original buildings still stand and are in use. Submitted by Chad Baysinger.