NAME: Monarch
COUNTY: Sheridan
CLIMATE: Snow in the winter, heat in the summer
BEST TIME TO VISIT: In the spring or fall,when it's just right
COMMENTS: Monarch is on private property and you must get written permission from the Paddlock Ranch to walk on the grounds or take pictures- There are several people living there, including a meat store and someone who turned the old church into a residence.
REMAINS: Old church, foundations, several buildings and bridges
Monarch is located off of Highway 90 North west of Sheridan. You will see the exit signs to Acme and that is where you would turn. Monarch is on the left side of the highway. The only thing left there is a beautiful old church. You need permission to go onto the property. On the other side of the highway is Acme and Kleenburn. They are both populated by a few families. There is still a coal mine in operation nearby. Remains here include an old mill,(power plant) bridge, and foundations. There is a cemetary on the hill and another one near the highway. Kleenburn was the sight of a camp for boyscouts. There used to be a trolley that ran from the vally in Sheridan to these small minnig towns about 15 minutes away. This was origianly where they thought Sheridan would expand and the small towns would be bigger then Sheridan had become. When the mines closed down due to lack of production and cut backs, many of the minnig families moved back to Sheridan and took their houses with them. If you know where to look in Sheridan, you can find some of the old houses even today. Very interesting, worth the drive, pretty and peacefull. Submitted by: Liz Wolcott