NAME: Rudefeha
COUNTY: Carbon
CLIMATE: Heavy snow in winter. Mild summers.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring and summer.
COMMENTS: Rudefeha is an abandoned mining town. Take Hwy 230 south out of Saratoga. When you get to Encampment, take Hwy 70 west. As you meander through the forest, look for the town of Battle, it's located right on the Continental Divide. Go past battle for about 12 miles and look for a sign alongside Hwy 70 that has the name Copperton on it. Take the dirt road that leads north out of the Copperton junction (Forest Rd. #862). You'll drive right through Rudefeha on this dirt can't miss it.
REMAINS: The mine shaft has not been filled in and some of the support buildings are standing.
Rudefeha is the old mining town in which the Ferris-Haggerty mine is located. A mile to the west are the remains of Dillon, established after the company town of Rudefeha banned saloons; the owners simply moved a short distance away and started anew, and in no time at all Dillon was the largest town in the Sierra Madre. Many foundations of buildings still remain. Mostly log cabins with the bottom two to three layers of logs still standing. Submitted by: Fred W. Stueve, USAF, Ret.