NAME: Sage
COUNTY: Lincoln
CLIMATE: Deep snow in the winter. Pleasant summers
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Summer /fall
COMMENTS: Sage is located right off of Highway 30, adjacent to the tracks of the Union Pacific Railroad.  Visible from the Highway, Sage sits 24 miles west of Kemmerer WY, and about 4 miles east of the Utah, Wyoming border. The GPS quadrants are, 41.813264, -110.958206. Although the town is viable front the Highway, on google street view, a train sits immediately in front of the town making it hard to see in those pictures. 
REMAINS: 15 or so buildings still remain.
Although I have spent many hours searching for information on Sage, I have come up empty. With it's close proximity to the train tracks and highway, I assume at one time it was probably a pit stop for travelers. 

Submitted by: Benji