NAME: Sherman
COUNTY: Albany
CLIMATE: Always windy but not too cold, definite jacket weather
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Anytime but winter
COMMENTS: It is within 100 yards of Ames Monument off I-80. Although there are no buildings still standing, the evidence points to an obvious town. The town was built in the 1860's at the highest point along the transcontinental railroad. The foundations to buildings are still there includin the 5 stall roundouse and the turntable. There lots of old cans and metal goods. Even though there are no more buldings, its a great place to go! Area is on private property. Please stay on trails. Would you please indicate on your web site the town of Sherman Wyoming is privately owned and is the property of Richard Hoffman.  Any visitors should respect this fact.
REMAINS: No buildings, but lots of small things.
The town was a major stop for the transcontinetal railroad with it 5 stall roundhouse and turntabel. The grade for the railroad os still very evident. Submitted by: Wes I.

Sherman townsite from Ames monument
Courtesy Mark Oldfield

Sherman townsite before Ames Monument
Courtesy Mark Oldfield

Sherman Cemetery before Ames Monument
Courtesy Mark Oldfield

Lester C. Heckart, the last (marked) grave in the cemetery.
Courtesy Mark Oldfield

Sherman Cemetery marker
Courtesy Mark Oldfield

Courtesy Mark Oldfield

Sherman's roundhouse ruins
Courtesy Mark Oldfield