NAME: Shoshoni
COUNTY: Fremont
CLIMATE: Arid Wyoming climate all year round.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Deffinetaly between Spring and Summer months.
COMMENTS: The Semi-Ghost Town of Shoshoni is located South of Thermopolis and Lucerne, into Fremont County.
REMAINS: A vast number of derelict homes and stores clutter Shoshoni
The Semi-Ghost Town Shoshoni, south of Thermopolis was established in 1905. I have donned Shoshoni as "Semi-Ghost" because the Town is still home to 500 people. Unlike Shoshoni's majority of other boom-gone-bust sisters, its short lived romance with Uranium mining and Nuclear Power during the 1980's is what separates this Ghost from the others. Since no one wanted impure Wyoming Uranium, its population started, and is still in the slow process of dwindling. Nowadays, barely a store front survives along the dusty main street of Shoshoni. But signs of Town pride resurface annually, as Shoshoni plays host to the State fiddle championships. Submitted by: Ryan J. Hill.