NAME: Stansbury
COUNTY: Sweetwater
CLIMATE: Snow heavy in winter. Summers are pleasant.
BEST TIME TO VISIT: Spring through early winter.
COMMENTS: Three mining camps (small townships) between Rock Springs and Winton on SR4-18. North from RS then take right fork. Approx 5 miles N. first road to the right went to Reliance, second right went to Stansbury, third to Dines, and, at the end was Winton.Each had an elem. school, store, PO, and boarding house along with single family dwellings. All owned by UPRR.Reliance had both elem. and HS and a small shopping area. These communities were thriving in the early 1950's.
REMAINS: Winton, Dines, and Stansbury are no more than a few foundations. Not sure about Reliance.
Thes four mining camps, along with the town of Superior, were vital, thriving coal mining areas in the early 1950's. Each had it's own Company Store, Tiple, bath house, boarding house, Post Office, Pool Hall, Dr. Office, and many single family houses. Winton, Stansbury, and Reliance had elementary schools (not sure about Dines) and when elgible kids were bussed to Reliance for High School. Although I lived and was schooled in Rock Springs, graduated in 1953, I spent much time in Winton. My Aunt, Gaila Griffin, owned and operated the Boarding House there which was home to approximately 50 single miners. The road has long since been destroyed in that very little remains at each of these sites. It's hard, however, to let one's formative years dim with progress. Submitted by: Joseph M. (Mac) Jerome