Here are some suggested things to take with you when you go ghost towning. One thing to remember is that as soon as you say you won't need one of these items, sure enough, you will. This list is by no means complete, however, if you took everything you really needed with you, you would need a semi-truck to carry it all. Please be safe and cautious when searching for ghost towns and happy ghost towning.

1. A second vehicle - a bike, motorcycle, a friend with their vehicle. This is very important and we guarantee as soon as you say you wont need one, you will!

2. A communications device - a cellular phone or portable ham radio to contact someone if you are in trouble.

3. A GPS - to find the sites with ease and to know your exact location at all times.

4. Topographical Maps - you absolutely must take the topographical maps or equivalent so you don't get lost and don't spend the whole day trying to find a site and never find it!

5. WATER - 1 gallon per person per day in the desert

6. Food - just in case!

7. Sunscreen and Chapstick - nothing like getting sun or wind burn to make a trip unenjoyable.

8. First Aid kit - for obvious reasons.

9. Binoculars - very useful when you think you might see something on the next ridge only to spend 2 hours hiking and find out it was a big brown rock!

10. Camera - help us preserve our history, send us your pictures!radio).