Some people think of a ghost town as being a "movie set" panorama with a full complement of vacant buildings complete with doors swinging in the wind and the howling of the breeze through holes in walls. Others think of a ghost town as being a town that is a shadow of its former past, but still alive with museums and shops and things to do pertaining to the old west in a true old west location. Still others think of a ghost town as being nothing but a few ruins and foundations in a far remote area accessible only by Four-Wheel drive on a good day. So, who is right? Everyone is right. A ghost town is any place where people once lived, or are still living, that is a shadow of its past glory. This includes everything from absolutely remote locations with very little remaining (sometimes called the "True Ghost"), to flourishing tourist towns such as Jerome, Az or even Calico, Ca. Ghosttowns.com contains all of the above types of ghost towns. So, whether you are looking for a "True Ghost" or a place to take your family for a visit to the old west, you can find it here at Ghosttowns.com.


     Visiting our historic past can be one of the most rewarding experiences we can have. However, some people don't take it very seriously. You will find that most ghost town sites have been mostly or completely vandalized or shot to pieces. For the sake of preserving our history we have not given the exact directions to any of the ghost towns on this web site. We feel that if you are serious about visiting ghost towns you can take the information we give you together with a small amount of work and locate the towns. Individuals who take the time to do this will hopefully enjoy an awesome visit to our past and not take or destroy it. It might be good to point out here that there are federal and state laws governing "ghost towning". Federal law states an individual can be imprisoned and fined for so much as digging a small hole or removing anything at an archaeological site. Unfortunately this rules out all metal detecting. The only thing you can legally take at a ghost town is pictures! With that said, here is all the information you need to locate ghost towns, as well as other use full information. Happy ghost town hunting!



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