NAME: Ponil Park
COUNTY: Colfax
GRID #(see map): 2
CLIMATE: Winters can be severe
Year long. Carry survival gear.
COMMENTS: Abandoned logging and sawmill town in Northern New Mexico. Abandoned at the turn of the century, 1900 or thereabouts. A few of the old cabins are now being restored by the owners of Philmont Boy Scout ranch, along with the U S Forest Service. Jon Young, an archaeologist for the Carson National Forest, can give you all the latest information on the restoration project, which includes several towns in the immediate area. In Ponil Park there are seven cabins that are being restored. State archeologist, Eric Peterson says the agency will ensure that renovations are historically accurate.
REMAINS: Seven log buildings and cabins are standing sans roofs. These are going to be saved.

Ponil Park was founded as a center for logging and sawmill operations. Founded in 1850 or thereabouts. It died out about 1900 along with Ring, Labelle, Bonito, Dawson, Anchor, Midnite, & Hopewell. All the lumber and logs from these areas finally made its way to Cimmaron NM. People who were born in some of these little logging and railroad towns still return for family reunions and to relive the past.

Submitted by: Samuel W McWhorter

This is a picture of our Great Grandfather, Ysidoro Bustamante who logged Ponil Park, Cimarron, New Mexico around 1915-1925 . Definitely before my father was born in 1926. Courtesy Susette Williams