NAME: Senorito
COUNTY: Sandoval
GRID #(see map): 2
CLIMATE: Mild winter, warm summer
Spring, winter, fall
COMMENTS: Hard to find
REMAINS: The ruins of one building and an ore chute remain.

Senorito is one of those small mining camps whose exact location is difficult to pinpoint. It started as a small copper mining camp in 1893 and served a population of about a hundred people. It did contain a store, a sawmill, a few houses, a crusher and a smelter. The ruins of one building and an ore chute mark its approximate location. Records indicate Senorito did have a post office that was discontinued in 1924.Courtesy Henry Chenoweth.

SENORITO. Span. 'young gentleman, little master of the house'. Former trading point on NM 126, 4 mi SE of Cuba. Established as a mining camp in 1893. SENORITO. Post office 1901/1924. Submitted by: Samuel W McWhorter